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Nicholas Sliter

Hi there, I'm Nich! I am a current Junior at Middlebury College, studying two of my passions: computer science and mathematics. When I'm not coding or studying, you can find me developing my latest idea of the ideally planned city, analyzing policy issues, or getting a drink of grapefruit bubble tea.

What I Do

Software Development

1+ year experience coding in a professional context. Developed multiple projects that are currently in use. Knowledgeable in Java, Python, JS, and R. Some framilarity with C# from personal projects. Currently learning Dart and Flutter for native mobile development.

Web Design

Experience with development using CMS as well as full-stack work. Knowlegeable in JS and framilar with HTML and CSS. Experience with search engine optimization, analytics gathering and analysis, and advertising campaigns.


Engaged in two research positions in Data Science and Computer Science (one ongoing). Developed visualization and data analysis toolkits in R and RShiny. And am using agent-based modelling to simulate the origin of complex biologic synchrony.

Technical Support

Worked for over a year in a small-team technical support position. Independently diagnosed, repaired, and maintained thousands of Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, and ChromeOS machines. Deployed enterprise device management software and wrote scripts to automate device diagnostics and deployment. Experience in both back-end architecture development positions as well as front-end customer service positions.

What I Want To Do

My love for technology began in my youngest years. My time was spent either on a computer or thinking about being on one. Programming is deterministic and easy for me to understand. print("Hello World!") will always return the expected (but try saying hello to a human 1000x in a row). More importantly, programming allows me to creatively solve problems. So when I started developing my first programs, I was hooked.

Since then, I've immersed myself in computation of all kinds. My passion for computation has brought me to Middlebury College, where I study Computer Science and Mathematics. There I have studied algorithms, data structures, software engineering, and higher mathematics. Passion has brought me to jobs working in IT, full-stack development, and more. And to research in data science and computer science.

I want to utilize my technical skills to creatively solve complex problems while creating a positive impact on communities. I will continue this passion in industry: creating, automating, and improving software to solve these problems.

I am currently searching for summer 2022 software engineering internships. Interested in hiring me? Contact me here!